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Our collection of over 2,300 objects from around the world will engage you through hands-on experiences.

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What We Do

Supporting Artists

We engage with artists to give full rein to their creativity, without constraints, encouraging them to engage audiences with their unique voices.

Community Partners

We partner with other arts groups, schools, and community organizations so we can serve more people in more ways.

Educating Young People

We work with young people to open their eyes to their own inherent abilities and their powerful heritages. And our Hands-On Student Curators and fellows learn skills they can use throughout their lives in any endeavor.

First Friday: The Coe Center x Santa Fe Animal Shelter

We are excited for our upcoming First Friday on October 7th. The Coe Center and The Santa Fe Animal Shelter will be joining forces as we bring the community together for a fun-filled afternoon from 1:00 – 4:00 PM.

In addition, this will also be the LAST day to experience Giving Growth in the Project Space, curated and put together by Eliza Naranjo Morse and Jamison Chas Banks.

Spread the word and bring your family and friends to visit the collection as well as meet some furry friends!

Conversations Of Ourselves: An Indigenous Survey Of James Kivetoruk Moses

The Coe Center for the Arts announces the launch of its online exhibition, Conversations of Ourselves: An Indigenous Survey of James Kivetoruk Moses.

This exhibition represents a collaborative, immersive conversation on Kiverotuk Moses’ influence as both a documenter and creator of images of Inupiaq life.

Collections Spotlight

Experience ceramic artist and educator, Larson Goldtooth (Hopi-Tewa) and an independent museum consultant, Colleen Lucero (Hopi) as they examine historical Hopi-Tewa and Hopi pottery from the Coe’s Collection via Zoom in Collections Spotlight on Tuesday, 05/24/2022.

Story Telling through Will Wilson —Special Offer

Will Wilson (Diné/Irish, Welsh), a Coe Board Director and an out-standing talented artist-photographer, has generously created a special limited-edition photographic print just for the Coe Center. He has chosen an image from his newest series called, “Talking Tintypes”. These pieces are now available for you, 100% of the proceeds support the innovative Coe programming.

Conversations of Ourselves: An Indigenous survey of James Kivetoruk Moses

The Coe Center for the Arts presents an intimate selection of works by mid-century artist James Kivetoruk Moses (Inupiaq). The works are a selection of pieces to be included in the online exhibition Conversations of Ourselves: An Indigenous survey of James Kivetoruk Moses, representing Kiverotuk Moses’ influence as both a documenter and creator of images of Inupiaq life.

Plan Your Visit

The Coe Center welcomes visitors and is open by appointment. Please call or email ahead to schedule.

Above all else, the Coe Center values the health and well-being of our staff and visitors. With that in mind, wearing masks is mandatory when visiting. Thank you so very much for supporting the community.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Programs for All Ages

We use our collection as the catalyst for hands-on educational experiences and enrichment.

Making a Donation

You can make a difference with a tax-deductible donation. And, don’t forget us in your wills and trusts.

“I revisit and bear constantly in mind the objects of my collection to gain new insights. They are not trophies but instruments of passion, with the power to unexpectedly reveal mysteries.”
Ralph T. Coe


“When you hold a thing you’re there in the moment, of how it was used and how it was made.”
Oscar Loya

Student Curator

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