Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Director: Randy J. Brokeshoulder

Randy J. Brokeshoulder is of Hopi, Navajo, and Absentee Shawnee heritage. He is a third-generation katsina carver and the great-grandson to Guy Maktima of Hotevilla—Third Mesa, Arizona. He currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as a finance banker and artist.

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Director: Jessa Rae Growing Thunder

Haŋ mitakuyapi. Suŋgina Duzaham Wiŋyan emakiapi. Mnisda Wakiyaŋ Iŋga tiwahe etaŋhaŋ ouhepi. Damakoda nakun Nakoda, de Tatanka Oyate. Cante waste yuha, ciyuzihapi. (Greetings our relatives. My name is Jessa Rae Growing Thunder. The Growing Thunder family comes from...

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Advisory Council

Laurence A. G. Moss, Advisory Board Director

Laurence A. G. Moss was raised in western Canada, Dr. Moss has lived and worked principally in western North America, Pacific Asia, and Central Europe. His North American base was Santa Fe, New Mexico from 1986 to 2006 when he returned to the Pacific Northwest with...

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Sallyann Paschall

Enrolled in the Cherokee Nation and raised in Oklahoma, Sallyann Milam Paschall is a Santa Fe, New Mexico painter, and printmaker. She has shown her work extensively and has won numerous awards, particularly at the Heard Museum Indian Market in Phoenix and Santa Fe...

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Honorary Directors

Emeritus Directors


Bess Murphy, PhD, Curator

Bess assists in developing and coordinating public programs including workshops, conversations, research visits and demonstrations with Native American artists.

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