Rachel de W. Wixom has worked in the art industry for over thirty years. Starting in 1989, at the German art publishing company teNeues Publishing Company New York City’s office where she worked closely with museums, artists, and artist estates world-wide. In 2002 she became Managing Editor at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and in 2003, was promoted to Head of Publications.

At the Whitney, she continued to work closely with curators, museums, artists, and artist estates worldwide. She was responsible for the publication of over sixty-five major art publications and exhibition catalogs, worked closely with the Whitney’s education department, Press, as well as managed the Rights and Reproductions Department and aspects of the Whitney website.

In 2007, her uncle Ralph T. Coe, knowing he was near the end of his journey, asked Wixom if she might use her life and work experience to transition the private non-operating 501(c)3 organization he was creating into an operating organization. Coe passed in September 2010. After much preparation, she moved to Santa Fe in 2012 to do just that. She is currently the President and Executive Director of the Ralph T. Coe Center for the Arts.