2023 – Why and How Do Animals Matter In Our Lives?

Hello friends of the Coe Center! My name is Lillia McEnaney. I come to the Coe Center after living and working in Santa Fe for almost five years. I am thrilled to join the organization as the director of the Hands-On Curatorial Program. I look forward to connecting with the student curators, learning about the Coe Center’s collections, and passing on a love for working in the arts to a new generation. 

Program participants come from the New Mexico School for the Arts and Santa Fe High School. Over the next several months, our students will gain practical experience with curatorial research, exhibition design thinking, marketing, and communications. Each student brings a personal perspective to the program, and I feel lucky to work with and learn from them. 

2023 Hands-On Curators working with Lilia McEnaney, January 2023.

Currently, the group is finalizing the items to be included in the exhibition while also refining the themes and narratives that they want to communicate with the public. This year’s theme centers around animals, and we are spending the next few weeks further developing the exhibition’s concept and context—why and how do animals matter in our lives? 

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Hands-On program—we are so excited to share their exhibition with you this coming spring! Follow their progress on The Virtual Coe, the Coe Center’s social media platforms and website. Please consider donating to this meaningful and unique program.

2023 Hands-On Curators Worksheet on Newsprint paper, December 2023

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