Controlling Insects and Pests in the Collection

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Articles

Some signs of insect activity, like frass (insect droppings) and webbing, were noticed when we were going through the collection. We put the affected items in the freezer to try to kill the insects. We’re going to pull them out and take them up to my office right now. This might be a two-tip situation.

We pulled these textiles out because, during a visit where an artist was coming to look at pieces, we noticed some webbing and frass on the outside of one of them. Only one of these pieces had active insects on it, but you could see evidence of their presence. The rest of them were just stored nearby, so as a precaution, we also froze those because there was a chance of minor insect activity that wasn’t visible. Once we see insect activity with the naked eye, we might go back with a magnifying glass or a light to get a better handle on what exactly is happening.

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