Laurence A. G. Moss was raised in western Canada, Dr. Moss has lived and worked principally in western North America, Pacific Asia, and Central Europe. His North American base was Santa Fe, New Mexico from 1986 to 2006 when he returned to the Pacific Northwest with his family by the Kootenay Lake in Kaslo, BC, Canada. In 2017 he resettled in Santa Fe.

After studying political-economy, art, and Asian studies at the University of British Columbia, he undertook graduate studies in socio-cultural change & economic development, applied anthropology, ecology, urban and regional planning, and art and environmental design at Keio University and the Advanced Center for Japanese Studies in Tokyo, Japan, and the University of California – Berkeley (degrees: MA, MCP, Ph.D.).

In his professional work, he has focused on regional and local change and sustainable development. During the past twenty-five years, he has targeted cultural and environmental sustainability and equity issues in mountain regions, particularly the effects of amenity migration, tourism, and related global socio-cultural forces.

Essential in his work is a multi-disciplinary and ecological approach, and the use of alternative futures analysis and planning. He is an innovator in theory and practice in these areas, and most recently focuses on cultural and political-economic constraints to implementing sustainability strategies and plans. He has worked for local communities, regional and national bodies, and through a number of international organizations in some thirty countries.