Restructuring Program: Request for Proposals

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Articles, Coe Collaborations, Collections Programming

Request for Proposals (RFP) 

The Ralph T. Coe Center for the Arts is thrilled to announce the first steps of its restructuring, paving the way for the progression of our collections, and envisioning new possibilities for the campus. Since 2007, the Coe Center, a private 501(c)3 in Santa Fe, has been dedicated to increasing public awareness, education, and appreciation of Indigenous arts, emphasizing hands-on experiences, and learning through actively engaging art.

With over 2,500 objects representing worldwide Indigenous cultures, its core encompasses the span of historic to contemporary North American artworks. The Coe Center is committed to community through its renowned and innovative programs, including the Hands-On Curatorial Program, collaborations, partnering, events, and exhibitions. Ralph T. Coe knew and understood the collection to be living, and he believed in connecting art with community. We take immense pride in the progress made and express our utmost gratitude to all who have partnered with us to bring the Coe Center to this moment. However, we recognize the importance of evolving and broadening our horizons to leverage the mission and this important work even more.

Restructuring Goals: Our primary objective is to find passionate partners committed to upholding the Coe mission, extending the impact of our Luce Foundation Pilot program grant, and continuing the legacy of providing direct access to both artists and communities through the rehoming of the Coe Collection.

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