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by | Jul 1, 2020 | Coe Collaborations

With little doubt, you know that art museums and institutions across the nation have been dealt a particularly hard blow; many are struggling with budgetary concerns, closed doors, and staff lay-offs. Being creative and making oneself accessible in a virtual world has been the primary method of survival. Here at the Ralph T. Coe Center for the Arts, we are no different. We remain steadfast in our commitment to you and in keeping our mission alive for the greater community.

In this light, the Coe Center is blessed with an incredible opportunity. Will Wilson (Diné/Irish, Welsh), a Coe Board Director and an out-standing talented artist-photographer, has generously created a special limited-edition photographic print just for the Coe Center. He has chosen an image from his newest series called, “Talking Tintypes”. These pieces are now available for you, 100% of the proceeds support the innovative Coe programming.


Entitled Madrienne Salgado, Jingle Dress Dancer/Government and Public Relations Manager for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Citizen of the Muckleshoot Nation, this work blends 19th and 21st-century storytelling and imaging technologies.

Madrienne Salgado was photographed using the wet-plate process, a beautifully alchemic process that dramatically contributed to our collective understanding of Native American people and, in so doing, our American identity. The photograph can be animated by using the Talking Tintypes App (free download, currently only available for Apple devices, very soon for Android), an Augmented Reality application that brings life and agency back to the subject.

The Jingle Dance was born of a vision that came as a partial result of the devasting effects of the 1918 Flu pandemic, and its very purpose is as a healing dance. Not surprisingly, over the last few months, Jingle Dancers have taken up making videos of themselves dancing in order to help heal the world. These dancers, like Madrienne Salgado, evidence a pride in themselves, their tribes, and their heritage, and they do this all while selflessly praying for the rest of us to stay healthy. Wilson is as astute in his choice of image as he is in his altruism.

Wilson (Diné/Irish, Welsh) is known for his monumental installations within museum settings, he rarely creates smaller photographic prints in his larger production runs. Madrienne Salgado is being offered in an 11 x 15 in. size in a set limited edition of 50. They are printed and matted using archival materials, and each is hand-signed and numbered. In order to keep this opportunity accessible, the prints are $300 each, plus $30 for packing and shipping.


This limited-edition photo is selling fast. We encourage you to move quickly.
Please make a check out to the Ralph T. Coe Center for the Arts and mail to:

The Ralph T. Coe Center
1590 B Pacheco Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505

or for credit card purchase, click here.

If you live locally and wish to pick up your piece and save the shipping fee, please contact us at


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