Walk Through Physical Forces

by | Dec 9, 2023 | Articles

It’s Rose again. Today we’re looking at how to prevent damage by physical forces. In this box, we have a lot of ivory pieces, primarily from the far north. This box helps prevent physical damage to the objects, such as knocking into each other, being bumped, or falling.

Some details in this box that help prevent that are these little bumpers around all of the objects. If the box gets bumped or shaken, the objects won’t hit each other because they’re all surrounded by foam. The foam underneath also prevents stress on the objects by conforming to their shape. For areas with big height differences, foam supports ensure more of the object is supported, reducing overall stress.

Another benefit of having everything in a box is safer transportation. Moving objects in a box is much safer than moving them loose. The clear lid allows people to see the objects without opening the box, preventing accidental bumps or improper handling.

To prevent physical damage, pick things up from underneath and support them with both hands. Avoid picking objects up by handles, straps, or edges to prevent stress and potential breakage.

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