The Coe relies on the support of our volunteers and donors to develop and offer educational programs and experiences.
If you love the arts and wish for a chance to learn more, volunteering with us is a great choice. You would learn about our collection, so you can conduct visitor tours…help us host events and exhibitions…and provide your ideas for our continued improvement and new programs.
Your financial support would help us help more people, including student curators, artists and our community arts partners. Some ways you can help:
  • Support our Hands-On curatorial program so we can expand to work with more high school students.
  • Support our Side-by-Side artists for more artist-led programs to engage and educate our communities.
  • Sponsor an event or exhibition such as our Hands-on exhibition openings and unique experiences such as the FUNCTION event.
Or? Your ideas?  Host a pop-up exhibition? Sponsor care of a collection artwork?  We love working with others and want to expand beyond the Santa Fe area. Drop us a line at and let’s explore possibilities.





“I support the Coe for its roles in hands-on art in our Santa Fe community.”

Kenneth Johnson

Contemporary Jewelry Designer & Metalsmith, Kenneth Johnson Studio

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