Native American


Artist: Unknown
Culture/People: Cherokee
Place: Southeast, United States
Media: Rivercane, oak, hickory bark, and natural dyes
Dims: 8.25 x 12 x 7.25 in. (21 x 30.5 x 18.4 cm).
Date: c. 1970
RTC No: NA1396
Gift of Ralph T. Coe, 2011


Often referred to as a market basket, it is called that because the style is an adaptation from European models. We of course still use market baskets, they are now usually made of red or blue plastic, found in stacks waiting for us at the front of the store.

While the style of basket is universal there is no doubt that the basket is of the Americas. The basket has it all, oak wickerwork, hickory bark rim binding dyed brown with black walnuts, rivercane dyed to create a striking pattern, and two carved oak handles. The combining of wicker and twill rivercane is a true –and lovely—Cherokee weaver innovation.

Watch Lydia Louise Goings and Tonya E. Carroll speak about this piece on Collections Spotlight June 2020.

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