Artist: Unknown
Culture/People: Tewa-Hopi
Place: Hopi, Southwest United States
Media: Clay and mineral paints
Dims: 6 x 7 in.(15.2 x 17.7 cm)
Date: c. 1920
RTC No: NA1530
Gift of Hugh Zimmer, 2017


The Sikyatki Revival style of pottery was shared by Nampeyo with her daughters and community. By about 1900, it had replaced all other styles of Hopi pottery. In the pre-1900 era, Tewa-Hopi potters made plainware canteens, as seen in the historic photograph. Canteens were either large gallon-sized or small, individual-sized. This canteen was most likely made for sale as evidenced by its in-between size and the use of bowl designs to decorate its surface.

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