Native American


Artist: Unknown
Culture/People: Cree
Place: Ontario or Quebec
Media: Moose hide, quills, wool, rocker stamping on the hem and natural dyes
Date: c. 1740
RTC No: NA1172
Gift of Ralph T. Coe, 2011


By 1743 fur traders on the shores of the Hudson Bay had adopted the coat which they called “tockey” or “toggey”, from the Cree muska togy or misko takiy. Cree women made these coats for both European and Cree men, designed to wrap around the body as it once wrapped around the animal. We believe the one in our collection may have ended up in Europe as it was a “goodbye” gift from the woman to the trapper. Acquired from Taylor A, Dale Tribal Arts, and Trotta-Bono Ltd. 2006.

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