Native American


Artist: Joyce Growing Thunder


Place: Fort Peck Reservation, Montana

Media: Hide, beads, cloth and hair

Dims: 22.5 x 10 inches


Description: For the Growing Thunders, creating dolls has always been a family affair. Born on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana, Joyce Growing Thunder began learning beadwork and quillwork as a ten-year-old and later handed down these skills to her daughter, Juanita, and granddaughter, Jessica. Acquired from the artist in 2003.

People young and old seem to be drawn to the dolls. Their universal appeal can be witnessed across cultures. For much of human society, miniature human likenesses have been used to teach children about roles and customs, as well as provide entertainment and conflict. The Growing Thunders often visit the Coe and you may have met them at one of our open houses  – always a family affair!

RTC No: NA0925
Gift of Ralph T. Coe, 2011

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Figurine by Joyce Growng Thunder

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