Native American


Artist: Primrose Adams

Culture/People: Haida

Place: British Columbia

Media: Spruce root, paints

Dims: 6 in, 14.5 diam. in. (15.2 cm, 36 diam. cm).

Date: c. 1990s

Description: Twined spruce-root hats were traditionally worn on the northern Northwest Coast. Today they continue to be important ceremonial wear, displaying the crests of their wearers.  Primrose Adams received the 2011 Creative Lifetime Achievement Award for First Nations’ Art. Ted Coe became familiar with her work when he purchased several of her baskets for the exhibition Lost and Found Traditions (1986, American Museum of Natural History, New York), saying, “When I landed her as a participant I felt I was finally on the way.” Acquired from Lattimer Gallery, Vancouver Canada, 2006.

RTC No: NA1248
Gift of Ralph T. Coe, 2011

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Hat by Primrose Adams

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