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Artist: Unknown
Culture/People: Marshall Islands
Place: Micronesia
Media: Rattan and Cowrie shell
Dims: 25.25 x 26.75 in. (64.1 x 67.9 cm).
Date: c. 1980
RTC No: OC0067


The Polynesians were masters of reading the ocean, being able to map out the Pacific islands, and inhabit them. They were so great that theory suggests they made contact with South America in the 4th century. I find this ability to navigate a never-ending ocean to be awe-inspiring, especially considering the technology available. Life can also feel like an endless ocean, with many currents wanting to take you in multiple directions. To have such mastery over this ocean of infinite chaos is something I strive for, however, one must still be open for what life brings. —Oscar Loya [The Mirror Effect: Reflections upon our Realities, Hands-On Curatorial Program exhibition May-July 2017]

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