Changing Lives
Through Art

We believe in exploring and connecting through the world’s Indigenous Arts. Your generosity of donations and support ensures that we continue to reach students, artists, and our community.

Where Your Support Goes


Supports programming like the Hands-On Curatorial Program which enables student curators with supplies, field trips, construction, catalogs, and hospitality.


The collection is central to all Coe programs. The ongoing care and stewardship of the collection are the main priority of the Coe. You can participate in the care and stewardship too!


Our goal is to add more internships and fellowships for longer terms, providing education and experience for them to pursue varied, fulfilling opportunities after they leave the Coe. This level of support provides enough funds to cover a three-month program!


The Coe provides a unique space for artists in residences to explore and create. With your help, you directly support the artist with supplies, overhead, and continual expansion of this incredible program.

Giving Growth” Bess Murphy, Samantha Tracy, Rachel de W. Wixom, Eliza Naranjo Morse, Lindy Vision, Jamison Chās Banks

We appreciate support at ALL levels. Your gift will go to those areas of most need at the Coe—collection care, artists honorariums, program support, fellows and intern honorariums, supplies, and maintenance of the Coe campus.

Building the Campus

A vibrant and inclusive space for the community and artists alike. By supporting our project, you’ll be contributing to a central hub that celebrates the arts and fosters creativity.

From exhibitions and performances to workshops and events, the Coe Campus will provide a home for artists and a gathering place for the wider community. With your generous donation, we can make this vision a reality and create a space that inspires and empowers.

Join us in building a brighter future for the arts – contact us to become involved!

Thank You to our Corporate, Foundation, and Government, Supporters