COLLECTIONS SPOTLIGHT with John Goes in Center

by | Aug 4, 2020 | America Meredith, Coe Collaborations, Collections Programming

Jhon Goes in Center is an Oglala Lakota metalsmith, carver, dancer, regalia maker, and cultural artist. Born along Rapid Creek, “Indian Camp”, Rapid City, South Dakota Goes In Center is considered one of the early silversmiths in the transitional modern era of Lakota metalwork.

Now based in Rapid City, South Dakota, Jhon hails from the Pine Ridge Reservation. He earned his museum studies degree from the University of Colorado and studied metal engraving from nationally renowned firearms engraver John Rohner. Jhon will discuss personal adornment in metals by Northern and Southern Plains artists from the 19th century to the present.

My work is nothing more than the creative continuum of my Lakota ancestors.  The use of the Lakota homeland agate tells the Lakota Creation Story of Inyan, the first stone in creation who created the essence of life, water.  My creations are inspired by the flora, fauna, wind, Lakota Song and Ceremony. Inclusively said in the Lakota language, “Heca’ Maka’ Sitomniya”, and so, the natural world is my inspiration.

Collections Spotlight, a program developed in partnership with First American Art Magazine, is a free interactive, online discussion that brings together the public, scholars, and Native artists who select artworks from the Coe’s collection to interpret and discuss.

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